Field Tester System

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CEIA is an ISO 9001 Company certified

Portable Tool for Quality Assurance of Walk-Through Metal Detection Equipment

Security Detection

Field Tester System

  • Advanced Mechanical Design
  • Computer assisted Verification
  • Consistent measurement capability with full control of orientation; trajectory; speed of the test object
  • Robust and easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Repeatability of Test e Results
Field Tester System - Assembled in less than five minutes
Assembled in less than five minutes

The CEIA Field Tester System is a system designed to assess the performance of an Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) at the time and place of installation and at user-defined maintenance intervals.

The Field Tester has a built in electronics that allows the use as a stand-alone system.

In this case, it functions as a test piece positioning system, assuring a repetitive trajectory of the test piece, and provides the operator with the evaluation of the transit speed.

This manual describes only the use of the Field Tester as a stand-alone system.

The system, using an additional software specific for the Security Standard in use, allows performing the following tests:
  • Field Equipment Sensitivity Test using Calibration Artifact
  • Field Equipment Sensitivity Test using Clean Tester
  • Field Equipment Speed Test (as for the stand-alone mode)
  • Field Equipment Throughput Test
  • Field Equipment Cancellation Effect Test
The system is based on an adjustable test piece support (Field Tester) fitted with sensors for the acquisition of the test piece position and a control unit that transmits the processed data to an external Personal Computer.

The system is powered directly by the Personal Computer.

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