SECURITY Detection

EMIS 110160
EMIS 130160
EMIS 130200

Automatic Screening Devices for non-metallic cargo

Certified by Governmental Laboratories


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  • Fully automatic detection of detonators and metal components of explosive devices
  • Low-intensity electromagnetic field: uses no ionizing radiation
  • Available in different sizes for inspection of single packages or entire pallets
  • No dedicated operator needed
  • Complete data logging and traceability
  • No periodic maintenance or calibration required

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EMIS 110160 - EMIS 130160 - EMIS 130200

The CEIA EMIS (Electro-Magnetic Inspection Scanner) equipment are security screening devices designed to inspect non-metallic cargo. Using CEIA exclusive Electromagnetic Profile Analysis technology, these devices ensure automatic detection of detonators and electronic circuits from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), ammunition and weapons composed of metal (knives, firearms). In case of detection, the scanners give an audible and visual alarm.


Fully Automatic Detection

The EMIS is designed to automatically detect detonators and metal components of explosive devices inside paper, newspaper, perishable goods such as produce, fish and meat (fresh or frozen) and organic material in general. Electromagnetic inspection is the most suitable and quickest method for checking non-metallic cargo. The advanced technology employed in the EMIS minimizes the interaction with the goods themselves and does not depend on visual interpretation of an image by an operator.

Efficiency and Low Cost of Ownership

The EMIS offers the ability to automatically screen complete pallets, helping to avoid the need for breakdown and ensuring the highest throughputs are maintained when compared to other approved technologies. The automatic electromagnetic analysis offers a superior level of detection performance guaranteeing the safety of all shipments.
The automated screening process does not require the use of an operator for image interpretation and no regular staff rotation periods for constant operation. Peak periods can be helped by the increased throughput EMIS offers, combined with the ability to redeploy staff normally associated with image interpretation to areas where they are most needed. Finally the solidstate construction requires no periodic maintenance or calibration ensuring a substantial reduction in the life-cycle costs of the equipment.


Detection functions

  • Analysis of containers of perishable goods and paper without metal content
  • CEIA electromagnetic-profile analysis technology
  • 0.5 ppm by weight Detection Sensitivity at maximum load
  • Tunnel useful area: 110160 model: 1100 mm x 1600 mm - 130160 model: 1300 mm x 1700 mm - 130200 model: 1300 mm x 2000 mm
  • Height of the conveyor belt: 735 mm min / 755 mm max
  • Maximum transport weight: 1500 Kg
  • Maximum pallets height: 110160 model: 1550 mm - 130160 model: 1650 mm - 130200 model: 1950 mm
  • Inspection capacity: up to 50 pallets per hour with automatic loading/unloading pallet system
Programming and communications
  • Modern, rugged and user friendly interface
  • Easy to read, high-contrast (3000:1) graphic display
  • Rugged, antivandalism stainless steel keyboard
  • Programming access protected by multiple password levels
  • Programming in a network or via serial connection to a personal computer
  • RS-232 serial interface
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Bluetooth link for local maintenance (deactivable)
Alarm functions
  • Automatic slowing and stopping of the conveyor
  • Manual alarm reset and consequent restarting of the conveyor
  • Visible and audible alarms
Environmental operating characteristics
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C
  • Construction in IP65 Stainless steel
General characteristics
  • Power supply voltage: 200-240 V 25A
  • Weight: 110160 model: 4000 Kg - 130160 model: 5000 kg - 130200 model: 5150 kg
  • Conforms to the international standards currently applicable for electrical safety and EMC, and to the applicable EC Regulations
  • Complies with Regulations relating to pacemakers, defibrillators or other vital support systems, pregnant women and magnetic storage media (floppy disks, audio cassettes, video cassettes and similar)
Operational Requirements
  • Plastic containers
  • Packaging bands without metal parts
  • Perishable goods or paper without metal content
Applicable commodity groups
  • Grains and animal feed, produce, perishables, bakery goods, dry goods
  • Printed Material
  • Seafood and Meat
  • Paper products, plastic, rubber
  • Wearing apparel (without metallic accessories)
  • Flowers and herbs



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