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CEIA is an ISO 9001 Company certified

Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors

HI-PE Plus Enhanced Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector
HI-PE Plus
CEIA is proud to present the new HI-PE Plus Multi-Zone Metal Detector, a development of the well-established HI-PE model. Accurate detection of all metals, high level of discrimination, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and exceptional immunity to external interferences are among the main peculiarities of this new device.

PMD2 Plus Enhanced Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector
PMD2 Plus
The PMD2 Plus is a zonal Metal Detector characterised by excellent discrimination towards metal personal effects, even when set to high security levels. Thanks to its advanced technology, the PMD2 Plus is a Metal Detector which allows accurate pinpointing of weapons in transit and a high flow rate.

PMD2 Plus Elliptic Enhanced Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector
PMD2 Plus Elliptic
This is a zonal model featuring modern, elegant lines, and can be inserted into the most prestigious surroundings with the minimum visual impact. Easy to assemble and transport, the PMD2 Plus Elliptic is also recommended for portable use in temporary or itinerant installations. The technology employed allows high discrimination to be achieved even at stringent security levels.

PMD2 Plus/EZHD Elliptic, Multi-Zone and Heavy Duty Walk-Through Metal Detector
Strict requirements and detection needs call for security checkpoints to perform efficiently even under very challenging conditions. Choosing the right metal detector is essential. Key considerations include identifying: the size and composition of the items to detect (Security Level), items and levels of personal effects to ignore (Discrimination), the number of people that will be passing through the checkpoint (Throughput). These characteristics must even be obtained in environments with electrical and mechanical noise, therefore the walk-through metal detector must present excellent immunity (Immunity). The PMD2 Plus/EZHD is ideal for outdoor events or checkpoint locations that move frequently and features tool-free installation, weather-resistant protection (IP 65) and ease of system use for screening personnel.

SMD600 Plus Very High performance Enhanced Metal Detector
SMD600 Plus
The SMD600 Plus is the first Metal Detector in the market fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Standard, as required in very high sensitivity applications, which also allows very high throughput in high security public screening checkpoints.

SMD601 Very High Sensitivity Multi-Zone Metal Detector for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities
The CEIA SMD601 is a Multi-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector specifically designed to comply with all the Standards that establishes requirements of Sensitivity, Discrimination and Immunity for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities.
This is an extremely sensitive device for the detection of all the objects that could be considered a threat to officer and prisoner safety.

02PN20/EZHD Elliptic, Multi-Zone and Heavy Duty Enhanced Metal Detector
The recent introduction of stringent Federal security standards has prompted CEIA to release a series of walkthrough Metal Detectors expressly designed for high level applications. These metal detectors look similar to other models in CEIAs product offering, but feature a combination of advanced target detection and state of the art personal object discrimination.

CEIA EMDs Federal Level Detection
Advanced detectors are appropriate for individuals interested in securing federal buildings, prominent state government buildings, landmarks, and critical commercial buildings. Due to its sensitive nature, information on federal level security metal detectors is available by contacting CEIA-USA directly by phone, email, or by filling out the form. Just reference CEIA EMDs or Federal Level Detection and we will direct you to one of our technology experts for more details.

Single Zone Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Classic Metal Detector
The circular column construction, both attractive and compact, allows it to be inserted with ease into public environments such as, for example, schools and discotheques.
The Classic Metal Detector has an extremely competitive price/performance ratio.

Classic/Navy Metal Detector
Circular column model with reduced gateway height designed to be installed on cruise ships. It is particularly suited to applications on decks with limited headroom.

Portable Security Metal Detectors

HI-PE/CF Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector
HI-PE/CF Mobile
Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector with Transport Bag and no tools required for assembling; ideal for rental and portable use.

Mantrap Security Doors

HI-PE/CF Mantrap Security Door Metal Detector
The advanced HI-PE/CF Mantrap Security Door Metal Detector offers an extremely high level of discrimination between weapons and metal personal effects such as keys, coins or cellular phones. The HI-PE/CF Airlock Metal Detector is the ideal device for high flow-rate points of access, minimizing the need to deposit personal effects and maximizing the speed of transit.

02PN8 Mantrap Security Metal Detector Gate
This metal detector is the most used in airlock-type cabin entrances: the 02PN8’s high levels of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity have been recognized by the type-approval of many institutions.

02PN7 Mantrap Security Airlock Metal Detector
Metal Detector for airlock-type cabin entrances, characterized by very good sensitivity and an extremely advantageous quality/price ratio.
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