Detectores para la SEGURIDAD


Letter Bomb and IED Detector for mail & parcel inspection

Certified by Governmental Laboratories

IATA World Cargo Symposium
Dallas, TX - United States of America
Mar 13 - 15, 2018
Expositor: CEIA S.p.A. - Booth 114

Las Vegas, NV - United States of America
Mar 13 - 15, 2018
Expositor: CEIA USA Ltd.

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  • Certified according to EU Regulation 185/2010 for the inspection of letters and parcels
  • Automatic inspection of parcels and letters up to 45 cm in width and 7.5 cm thickness
  • Detection of detonators, batteries, electrical trigger circuits and other metal components of parcel bombs
  • Discrimination of metal staples, paper-clips and other metal elements normally to be found in the post
  • Confirmation of analysis result (OK/ALARM) for each package inspected
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Optional incorporated detector of radioactive substances and materials
  • Ergonomic, compact design
  • Operates on the mains and with built-in NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Integrated battery charger

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Letter Bomb and IED Detector for mail & parcel inspection.


General characteristics

  • High inspection speed
  • Very high discrimination of paper-clips, metal staples and binding spirals
  • Digital programming with high-resolution OLED graphic display
  • Optical and acoustic alarm signalling
  • Integrated autodiagnosis system
  • Permanent memory storage of operating parameters without back-up batteries
  • Independent operation, with mains power supply or incorporated batteries
  • Specific Settings available for Prison parcels inspection (Dept. of Justice applications)
  • Transit opening 450 mm x 75 mm
  • Degree of protection IP40
  • 16 kg
Power supply
  • Voltage 100-240 V~ single-phase – 50-60 Hz with external AC/DC adapter
  • Current 1.07 A max
  • Battery operation
    • 6 x 1.2V NiMH size D incorporated
    • Battery life: 12 hours
    • Battery-charger incorporated: Recharging time 6 hours
      • Programming
        • Type
          • Local: via integrated keypad
          • Remote: via Bluetooth, RS232
        • Memory capacity 10000 events
        • Acoustic: Internal buzzer
        • Optical
          • High-contrast OLED graphic display with bar-graph indication
          • LED indicators on the control panel
            • RED: Alarm, Autodiagnosis
            • GREEN: OK, Power supply present
            • BLUE: Alarm, detection of radioactive substances
        • Access to programming protected by password
        • Galvanic insulation from mains voltage
        • Incorporated Bluetooth interface, RS232
        Environmental data
        • Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 °C
        • Storage Temperature: -25 to +60 °C
        • Relative humidity: 5 to 90 %, without condensation
        Certificates and conformity
        • Safety
          • EN61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Part 1: General requirements
        • EMC
          • EN61000-6-1:2007 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-1: Generic standards – Immunity for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments
          • EN61000-6-3:2007 Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) – Part 6-4: Generic standards – Emission standard esidential, commercial and light-industrial environments
          • European Directive 2004/108/CE
        NATO stock number
        • 6665150105807





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