INDUSTRIAL Metal Detectors

THS/PLVM21 series

Integrated system with Metal Detector and ejection valve for meat

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  • Standard pipe sizes available to suit all applications
  • AISI 316L stainless steel construction to IP66 and IP69K protection levels (THS/PLVM MS21)
  • Rapid electrical and mechanical connection system for bagging and clipping machines
  • Wide range of flanges available for connection to bagging and clipping machines


THS/PLVM21 series

Best Metal Detection Solution for compliance with FDA Title 21CFR110 requirements on manufacturing, packing or holding human food. Subpart E (Production and Process Control) of the FDA Code Title 21 CFR110 requires that effective measures shall be taken to protect against the inclusion of metal in food. CEIA THS 21 Metal Detection Systems offer detection, construction quality and reliability characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution to automatic elimination of metal contaminants. Fully HACCP and GMP compliant, CEIA Metal Detectors are ISO 9001 certified and constructed of EC and FDA approved materials.


THS/PLVM21 series - detail

Full compliance with HACCP and GMP criteria

FDA 21 Part 11 Compliant

The THS 21 Metal Detector Series is a high-sensitivity, high-precision measuring instrument. The data relating to each detection and ejection are stored in an events memory and certify production quality, the inspection itself and programming operations, as well as the periodic functional test phases using standard test samples.
FDA Code Title 21 Part 11 prescribes rigorous criteria for access to programming and computer data protection which have been fully adopted in the CEIA THS 21 Series firmware.
The requirements regarding Security, Integrity and Traceability are therefore satisfied.

New Global Auto-Learn System

The THS 21 Series employs an exclusive Auto-Learn system for food products which provides simultaneous maximum sensitivity to all metals starting from a single learning transit.
The system allows optimization of the detection sensitivity to all metals with maximum speed and precision, equivalent to hundreds of conventional learning transits: results in levels of precision and efficiency never before obtained.

Continuous embedded Self-Calibration Control

The Self-Calibration control allows maximum repeatability and performance consistency over time and with environmental changes. By means of specific signals sent to the transmission and reception chain of the Metal Detector, constant monitoring of the detection characteristics is carried out, with consequent constant compensation for any variations caused by environmental factors.

Continuous Auto-Test function ensuring maximum Production Safety

THS 21 Series Metal Detectors constantly self-test and adjust their detection characteristics during operation to ensure maximum stability and performance.
Specific electronic signals are sent to the reception and transmission channels, constantly monitoring the detection characteristics. Variations are automatically compensated for to maintain stability and cancellation of product effect. This process eliminates the need for periodic calibration and ends line arrest and product waste. The result is the extreme stability of the system, with no variation in detection performance and reliable cancellation of product effect.

Automatic measurement of the installation Quality and Environmental Compatibility

THS 21 Series introduces new tools for the installation and maintenance technicians which allow them to measure the environmental compatibility of the Metal Detector.
The measurements include general mechanical and electromagnetic environmental compatibility, specific electromagnetic compatibility and the automatic examination of the degree of metal interference from the conveyor belt.
This latter function becomes even more important when the high level of sensitivity of the THS 21 Metal Detector Series is taken into consideration.

Modern, rugged and user friendly interface

  • Clean Industrial design
  • Rapid data entry with extended keyboard
  • Easy to read, high-contrast graphic display
  • Rugged, antivandalic stainless steel keyboard. The THS 21 Metal Detector Series keeps the full compatibility with programming and parameter selection procedures already implemented in earlier versions of the THS. In addition, there is a new organic graph display with extremely high contrast (3000:1) and a viewing angle up to 180°, and an extended alphanumeric keypad for quick keystrokes.
  • Quick Access Function. A new function, activated simply by pressing a dedicated key, allows the most frequently-used functions to be directly recalled. These functions are programmable by the operator, and maintain the access protection criteria according to FDA Title 21 Part 11 requirements.
  • Large Product Memory: 500 entries with easy alphabetical sorting and pattern matching. A high capacity, onboard memory allows up to 500 products to be stored, each identifiable by a specificalphanumeric string. The products are automatically listed in alphabetical order, and searches are facilitated by the progressive recognition of the characters selected on the keypad.

Bluetooth Connectivity

In the THS 21 Series, local connection to the Metal Detector can be made directly via a Bluetooth device incorporated into the Control Power Box module, without physical contact, with a consequent saving of time and greater safety for technical and operational personnel.
The Bluetooth connection can be used for programming, monitoring of the signals via the CEIA MD-Scope program and the transfer of the data contained in the Metal Detector’s events memory.

Sophisticated Network Communication Capabilities

THS 21 Metal Detectors Series offer a wide range of interface capabilities: the standard version includes two asynchronous RS-232 serial connections, which can be used to integrate with the host system or process controllers, and a Bluetooth interface.
A series of optional modules for connection to Ethernet networks are also available on request.

Control Power Box: unequalled integrated connectivity performance

THS 21 Metal Detectors Series have been designed to manage all the functions required by the transport systems:
  • Control of the belt motor, with speed adjustment
  • Interfacing with bar-code readers in order to select automatically the chosen product in real time
  • Management of encoders to measure precisely the speed of the belt
  • Checking the availability of compressed air
  • Ejection management with synchronization of the transit
  • Verification of the successful ejection of the contaminated product
  • Verification of the presence and occupied volume of the contaminated product container
  • Synchronization with adjacent transport systems
  • Remote management via Ethernet/Wi-Fi


General features

  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • Construction Compliant with 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211
  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L construction
  • Rugged, integrated Stainless Steel Control Panel
  • Multi-spectrum technology for optimum compensation of the product effect
  • Extremely high immunity to environmental interference
  • Automatic balancing
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) with automatic compensation for the “product effect”
  • Quartz-controlled operating frequencies
  • Local or remote programming of operating parameters (product type, transit speed, signal analysis, external activator commands, etc.)
  • Up to 40 users with username and password
  • Memory holds 500 different products
  • Autolearn of product effect
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Internal self-diagnosis
Data management
  • Electronic Records and Signatures Management compliant with 21 CFR Part 11: Data Security, Data Integrity, Data Traceability
Control Power Box (Standard power supply unit)
  • In watertight, stainless steel casing (grade of protection: standard: IP66 – IP69K)
  • Voltage: 100-240 V~, single phase - 50-60 Hz
Pneumatic control system
  • In watertight, stainless steel casing (grade of protection: standard: IP66 – IP69K)
  • Compressed air: 0,6 ÷ 1 Mpa ; Flow: 100l/min
Probe-electronics unit
  • Tunnel-shaped, stainless steel structure containing the sensitive antenna and the control panel
Stored sets of parameters
  • 500 sets of parameter settings may be stored, corresponding to 500 possible different products
Control inputs
  • Connector for link-up to:
    • product transit authorization
    • barcode reader (on request)
    • serial interface RS232
    • Ethernet or WiFi interface (on request)
  • 4 programmable relays (250Vac – 2.5A) to activate the external support units
    • alarm relay
    • ready relay
    • ejector relay
    • test request relay
Alarm signalling
  • Visual: by means of indicator light on central electronics unit
  • Audio: by means of buzzer on power supply unit
  • By means of output relays
Environmental conditions
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Relative Humidity: 5-90%, without condensation
Certification and Conformity
  • Conforms to current Regulations for Metal Detection Systems
  • Complies with EC regulations and international standards relating to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility