Detectores de Metales INDUSTRIALES


Detectores de Metales Industriales


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Paper & Tissue One Show
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
16 - 18 Abril 2024
Expositor: CEIA S.p.A. - F06

Kielce - Poland
21 - 24 Mayo 2024
Expositor: Dremeco Sp. z o.o.

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  • Detección de metales magnéticos y no magnéticos
  • Elevada inmunidad a las interferencias ambientales
  • Instalable sin necesidad de interrumpir la cinta transportadora
  • Programación digital
  • Extrema fiabilidad
  • Grado de impermeabilidad IP65

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The CEIA TSM-D digital Metal Detector is suitable for intercepting magnetic and non-magnetic metal fragments of medium to large dimensions in industrial, textile, chemical, mining, foodstuffs and other products, both for quality control and machinery protection.

TSM/D - detail

Unidad electrónica de control

The product to be inspected is carried on a conveyor belt through the Detector Probe, which is connected to the Electronic Control Unit.

The TSM-D Metal Detector probe unit can be opened up, thereby allowing installation on conveyor belts without cutting them.

Detection sensitivity and other operational settings can be preselected digitally using function keys and alphanumeric display.

The TSM-D Metal Detector features extremely robust construction, which allows its installation in difficult environments, both inside and outside, without reduction in its operational features.

Digital processing of signals guarantees the highest immunity to external electromagnetic interference.

The TSM-D Metal Detector is tested to conform to Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility standards required for the CE mark.