INDUSTRIAL Metal Detectors


The most advanced digital bar metal detector

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Making Pharmaceuticals Ireland
Dublin - Ireland
Sep 27 - 28, 2022
Exhibitor: M.D.S. Ltd. - Booth 410

PPMA Total Show
Birmingham - United Kingdom
Sep 27 - 29, 2022
Exhibitor: M.D.S. Ltd. - Hall 5 Booth E10

K 2022
Düsseldorf - Germany
Oct 19 - 26, 2022
Exhibitor: CEIA S.p.A.

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  • Ultra high Sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • Unbreakable detection surface due to Stainless Steel Bars protection
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Highest immunity and protection against electrostatic discharges
  • Wide Detection Speed range, from 1 up to 600 m/min
  • Complete selection range: more than 50 models available
  • Easy installation and setting
  • High product temperature working compliance
  • Stand-alone and separate control unit version (RC) available

TE - detail

Separate control unit version (RC) available; IP65 high degree of protection

  • Fully Digital Programming
  • Internal data logging with data and timestamp for Quality Control
  • Password protected with separate user and engineer level
  • BT communication for setting and maintenance through external PC
  • Autolearn function for automatic setting of the maximum sensitivity in dry and wet conditions
  • Built-in function for automatic measurement of the external interferences