Anticollision TELEMETERS

Technical Characteristics

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CEIA ISO 9001 Certification

  • Intervention distances adjustable:
    • from 4 m to 20 m (RDM/20);
    • from 5 m to 30 m (RDM/30);
    • from 5 m to 60 m (RDM/60);
    • from 5 m to 99 m (RDM/99)
  • Digital setting of distance in metres. Measurement resolution: 1 metre, with indication independent of environmental and ageing-related factors.
  • Digital indication of the distance in metres via luminous display in cabin.
  • Acoustic signalling of slowing and stopping (optional, via Mod. RDM-RC repeater).
  • Directivity superior to any other system currently on the market (-3 dB at 3°).
  • Minimal power density of emitted signal: 3,5µW/cm2 in contact with the parabola.
  • No danger to people or objects (limit of Osha=1 mW/cm2).
  • Easy alignment of the reflector with the transmitter, guided by LED indicators located both on the display unit and on the parabola.
  • Unaffected by normal bridge-crane skew.
  • Unaffected by variations in power supply voltage of +15/-20% at constant rate.
  • Unaffected by sudden variations in power supply voltage due to spikes up to - 40%.
  • Measurement unaffected by rising hot air currents, vibrations, humidity, rain or dust.
  • Autodiagnosis of transmitter group, receiver, frequency modulator, quartz time base and power supply; any failure is signalled by dropout of the stop relay.
  • No preventive maintenance.
  • All operations controlled by a microcomputer.
  • Anti-interference filter between conductors and earth for voltages up to 3 kV for 500 µs or 1500 V 50 Hz for 3 s.
  • Electronics unit in IP55 container.
  • Operating voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz; 110 V 50/60 Hz on request.
  • Operating temperature: -15 ± +70°C.
  • Absorbed power: 25 VA.
  • Relay current-carrying capacity: 10 A 250 Vca.
  • Complies with CE and international regulations regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Unrestricted-use transceiver equipment (ERC/REC 70-03E).