Anticollision TELEMETERS


Company Presentation

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  • Distance measurement unaffected by environmental factors
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Digital setting of the distance in metres
  • Easy to install
  • No preventive maintenance
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Technical Drawings

Anticollision Telemeters

Thanks to application of the FM-CW Radar principle, the CEIA Anticollision Telemeter provides precise, repetitive measurements, even under the most difficult environmental conditions, and operates in Fail-safe mode, thus affording maximum protection for the operators and structures.

CEIA Anticollision Telemeters are operator-support protective devices for bridge cranes travelling along the same running plane, in compliance with the safety regulations foreseen under D.P.R. N° 547, D.Lgs. N° 626 and Machinery Directive 98/37/CE (D.P.R. N° 459).

Operation of RDM telemeters is based on the emission of a highlydirectional electromagnetic field, provided by a transmitter, so as to obtain the distance from the adjacent bridge crane via the signal reflected from the latter, and thus trigger intervention by the slowing and stopping relays. The intervention thresholds, expressed in metres, can be pre-set digitally. Two additional thresholds can be provided on request.

A cabin repeater equipped with a luminous display and acoustic signalling device tells the operator the distance in metres from the adjacent bridge crane and gives information on slowing and stopping operations, allowing realtime assessment of the approach speed.

The CEIA RDM telemeter is a variant of the altimetric radar system (Pat. CEIA N° 1244/ B/83): the accuracy of the measurement obtained is independent of both environmental and electrical operating conditions. This measurement, being based on the calculation of the return time of the electromagnetic wave, is insensitive to attenuations due to airborne dust, meteorological phenomena, vibrations and electromagnetic and other interference, thus guaranteeing full response. The device incorporates an autodiagnostic system that checks the parts that are essential for operation and manages the safety intervention relays (normally excited). The completely passive nature of the reflector guarantees that the CEIA RDM anticollision telemeter operates in fail-safe mode.

The use of high-integration technology and the implementation of suitable mathematical algorithms in the microprocessor allow high performance to be achieved in terms of reliability and accuracy of measurement.