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CEIA has been manufacturing for more than 50 years High and Medium frequency Inductive Generators that distinguish themselves for the very high energy efficiency and the minimum operating costs. Thanks to the outstanding experience grown on the field, and to the continuous and scrupulous technological research, CEIA is pleased to introduce the new range of Generators POWER CUBE SA/400.

Modular and Configurable System

This line, with a wide frequency range from 100 to 400 kHz, due to its unique modular design is available in several configurations to satisfy different user requirements:
  • 12.5 kW generator with single heating head output
  • 12.5 kW generator with dual alternative heating heads output
  • Double 12.5 kW generators with dual simultaneous heating heads output
  • 25 kW generator with single heating head output
  • 25 kW generator with dual alternative heating heads output

Advanced Control and Interface Functions

The Power Cube SA/400 Generator Series, due to its advanced built-in controller, are equipped with DATA LOGGER for quality process control and WEB SERVER for remote control and service. Furthermore all CEIA accessories can be implemented as well as Optical Pyrometers or Thermal Camera, automated Wire Feeder for brazing process or Field Bus for an implementation into automation lines.
Moreover, the new SA/400 generators are equipped with standard Harting connectors for an easy and quick managing of the many I/O signals available.
All these specifications make the new SA/400 generators comply and ready for Industry 4.0 requirements.

Increased productivity

Among other features, we highlight the high performance, higher than 96%, and maximum operational flexibility. In fact, all the new Generators are equipped with the Dynamic function, which allows automatic configuration of internal parameters of the Generator, reducing to a minimum the machine time set-up, with the consequent reduction in operating costs for the customer. The Generator, thanks to a specific control software, is able to adapt in real time to changes in workload, automatically modifying the circuit of internal coupling, maximizing the transferred energy and avoiding energy waste.

Easy to use

All SA/400 Generators are equipped with a touch screen graphical interface that allows the operator to access the programming of operating parameters in a simple, fast and intuitive way.
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New 75 kW Generator, Model Power Cube 75-SA/80: CEIA announces new product addition to the SA Series Induction Heating Generator Family.

The new 75 kW Generator, Model PW3-75-SA/80 , enrich and extend the SA Series Family that is therefore now available in 4 different power sizes, 25, 50, 75 and 100 kW, with an operating frequency range 20÷100 kHz.
The new PW3-75-SA/80 features remarkable efficiency (over 96%) and maximum operating flexibility, as well as the other Generators of the SA Series Family.
  • High Power output
  • High level of performance with minimal operating costs
  • Automatic tracking and fully automatic best optimization to load
  • Constant, repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Minimum cooling water flow required
  • High Safety: output insulation from the mains
  • Embedded digital electricity meter
  • Highly integrated with a small footprint
  • User Friendly Operations through graphical touch-screen interface
  • Stainless Steel casing
Compliant with Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility RegulationsMore details on an industrial application by following the link below:
Squirrel Cage Rotor Brazing by Induction Heating
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CEIA Metal Detectors for Security at EXPO 2015 – Milan

The Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 was held in Milan (Italy) on May 1 - October 31, 2015.
For the Security of this event, CEIA supplied 410 Walk-Through Metal Detectors and 410 Hand-Held Metal Detectors. More than 22 million visitors were screened quickly and with the maximum security, reducing the queue area time.
Click here for a brief video on this very important event.

EXPO 2015 Security organization will remain a reference model in subject of crowd management.

About CEIA SpA
For over 45 years, CEIA has provided high quality threat detection solutions for security and ground search applications such as walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, loss prevention systems, cargo screening devices, bottled liquid scanners, shoe analyzers and ground search metal detectors for military and humanitarian use. CEIA metal detectors are deployed at airports, distribution centers, federal buildings, sports facilities and military bases throughout the world.
CEIA is ISO 9001 Certified.
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CEIA announces new product addition: Power Cube 100SA/80 100 kW Generator

CEIA is pleased to announce the addition of the new POWER CUBE 100SA/80 100 kW generator to the successful CEIA Power Cube generator family. The state-of-the-art POWER CUBE 100SA/80 100 kW works with high power output up to 100 kW at frequencies of 20 to 80 kHz and features remarkable efficiency (over 96%) and maximum operating flexibility. This new generator extends the CEIA Power Cube family’s range of available power from 2 to 100 kW with frequencies of 20 kHz to 2 MHZ.

For over 30 years, CEIA has been manufacturing High and Medium frequency Inductive Generators with high energy efficiency and minimum operating costs. This extensive experience along with continuous and scrupulous technological research ensures CEIA products offer the highest quality and safety standards.

The new PW3-100SA/80 generator includes the exclusive Autolearn function that allows for automatic configuration of the internal parameters, thereby reducing the set up time and consequently reducing the operating costs. Thanks to its specific microprocessor control software, the generator can self-adjust in real time to variations of the working load, automatically modifying the internal coupling circuit and maximizing the transferred power. This self-adjustment feature ensures more efficient operation. The generator is also easy to use thanks to the new touch screen graphical user interface that allows the operator to program the working settings quickly and easily.

An integrated Web-Server and Data Logger system allow data storage for up to three consecutive months for proper process quality control. The data logger monitors the heating temperatures, output power, frequency, tension and current on the inductor. Through an Ethernet TCP/IP connection it is possible to access the Generator in order to remotely monitor and control the programming settings and interface with SCADA / DCS systems.

Thanks to the use of the Thermal Profile Monitoring software, coupled with the use of the new CEIA SH15/SLE Optical Pyrometers, it is now possible to certify the quality of all products requiring specific heating profiles.

The new Generator is excellent for all the traditional heat treating applications, including brazing, forging, and annealing, as well as for all those continuous heating cycle applications, where an accurate control of the process parameters and a stable and constant output supply power of the Generator is required.

Like all CEIA Generators, the new PW3-100SA/80 complies with the Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility regulations.
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New Optical Pyrometers SH15/SLE-550

CEIA is glad to introduce the new line of SH15/SLE-550 Optical Pyrometers that distinguishes itself by being extremely compact and durable. They also offer wide temperature coverage, high-speed reading, complete noise immunity and the possibility of regulating the reading spot.

The SLE series covers a reading range from 80˚ to 2,000˚C and comes equipped with a low intensity LED aiming light for proper positioning.

The absolute innovation of SLE Pyrometers is the adjustable reading spot and focal distance thanks to the use of additional lenses that satisfy all the needs of customers for any application, including heat treating, brazing, melting, annealing and all those processes where accurate temperature control is required.

Each Pyrometer is calibrated with instruments that are related to international samples and is accompanied with its calibration certificate.

All SLE models are compatible with the CEIA V3 Controllers.