Detector per il SOTTOSUOLO


Altoparlante Esterno per Metal Detector per la prospezione del sottosuolo CEIA

Presentazione Aziendale

  • Plugs directly to the GSMD Headphone Connector
  • MIL-D1, MIL-D1/DS and CMD compatible
  • High acoustic intensity (76 dBA at 50cm)
  • CMD Detector can be folded without removing the GSMD-EXTSPK



L’altoparlante esterno GSMD-EXTSPK è un segnalatore sonoro d'allarme esterno di alta affidabilità.

The external loudspeaker is a very high reliability, external alarm loudspeaker. It has the same operation of the headphone normally supplied with the detector.


As for the standard headphone, insert the external speaker into the HEADPHONE connector of the GSMD and rotate the locking ring until a click is heard.


Rotate the locking ring anti-clockwise and pull up.