GROUND SEARCH Metal Detectors


IED & UXO Detector Array for use with compact track loaders

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  • Vehicle transported Metal Detector
  • Detection of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic targets
  • Very high sensitivity & rejection of metallic clutter
  • Not affected by mineralized soils
  • Static and dynamic detection, independent of speed
  • Very high sturdiness and reliability
  • Embedded self-diagnosis system
  • Vehicle remotely controllable via the wearable remote control (EMVS-PRCU) for stand off visual/acoustic signalling to the operator, including reset and sensitivity functions
  • Automatic braking of the vehicle in case of detection or auto-diagnosis alert

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The EMVS-TL is a complete system, aimed at the detection of metallic UXOs and ERWs, conceived in order to offer a dependable detection to the operator through its visual and audio signals.

EMVS-TL - detail

Real-time detection and post-processing mapping

The EMVS-TL is extremely compact and simple, made of four principal components:

  • Search antenna with embedded control electronics
  • Frame of support
  • Mounting adapter
  • Remote display unit inside the vehicle

The electromagnetic detection coverage is not limited to the area below the antenna but includes the two sides of it.

The Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) sensing is managed by a completely digital control unit, integrated in the array structure.

Use of special materials provides outstanding resistance to mechanical shocks and environmental factors.