Metal Detector per il SOTTOSUOLO


Digital deep search Metal Detector

Karachi - Pakistan
Nov 27 - 30, 2018
Espositore: Sage Tech International

EDEX - Egypt Defence Expo
New Cairo - Egypt
Dec 3 - 5, 2018
Espositore: CEIA S.p.A.

Ingolstadt - Germany
Dec 4 - 6, 2018
Espositore: CEIA S.p.A.

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  • Effective detection of magnetic and non-magnetic UXO, cluster munitions and IEDs
  • Superior detection depth
  • High Discrimination against shallow metal clutter
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required
  • Minimum set-up time
  • Completely digital electronics, with in-field program memory upgrade capability
  • Embedded GPS and inertial navigation system
  • Automatic position and detection data logging for Quality Control
  • Total immunity to environmental magnetic anomalies and heavily mineralized soil
  • Static and dynamic detection, independent of the detector’s rate of advance
  • Operation monitored by graphical interface and a microcomputer-controlled auto diagnostic system with audible, optical and vibration warning signals
  • Fast integrated battery charger



Digital Deep Search Metal Detector for UXO and cluster munitions detection


DSMD - detail

Valigetta di trasporto

The CEIA DSMD is an active electromagnetic induction (EMI) device based on the transmission of an alternated, low frequency magnetic field and the reception of the variations introduced in the magnetic field by buried metal masses.It is designed for the accurate detection of deeply buried medium-large metal masses, including unexploded ordnance, whilst discriminating against ground magnetic anomalies and metal fragmentation.

The detector comprises a telescopic tube, two probe-antennae which transmit and receive the magnetic field are mounted at the ends of the extensions. Target indication is by a high-readability colour LCD display on the front panel of the control unit and an acoustic warning signal with adjustable volume control.

The embedded GPS receiver allows data logging capability in real time during operations: GPS information (Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude) can be recorded together with significant points and data is stored into a non-volatile memory at a rate of one event per second.