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Real time monitoring for EMVS-TL

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Certificación ISO 9001

Protection and Maneuver Support Combined Industry Exhibition
Ft Leonard Wood, MO - United States of America
23 - 25 Julio 2024
Expositor: CEIA USA Ltd.

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  • Provides real time monitoring of the scanned area by the EMVS Search Head
  • Field Rugged Toughbook tablet unit able to work in rainy and dusty environment
  • Reliable Bluetooth link to the vehicle EMVS-RCU or for remote operations to the Portable RCU (EMVS-PRCU)
  • Used in combination with EMVS-DGNSS/ROVER unit the pre-installed CEIA GSD-Finder application provides a complete GPS supervisor system
  • CEIA GSD-Finder assists the operator to drive the vehicle highlighting and recording the area that has been covered by the EMVS antenna array
  • CEIA GSD-Finder allows the operator to check the real time CEIA EMVS position and give the capability to store high-precision GPS trace recordings as well as the start and stop positions
  • CEIA EMVS-RTCM rugged support allows to hold the tablet unit in the vehicle cockpit

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Metal Detector Alarms Post-Processing

EMVS-RTCM - detail

EMVS-RTCM-SUP - Rugged support to hold the tablet unit in the vehicle cockpit

The Real Time Coverage Monitoring Unit consists of a ruggedized tablet that runs a CEIA GSD-Finder application. The unit can be connected over a reliable Bluetooth link either to the EMVS-RCU located in the vehicle cockpit or to the EMVS PRCU in case of a remote connection.

The GSD-Finder collects and displays in real-time the GPS data that come from the EMVS-DGNSS/ROVER as well as the data on the metal detector alarms. The user interface overlaps that information with a satellite view of the scanned area to locate the device on the field and to highlights the EMVS antenna array covered area assisting the operator with the mapping process.