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Differential GNSS for EMVS-TL

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  • Easy to use, fast assembly DGNSS system
  • High performance dual-band GNSS antenna
  • Built-in, long range, license free RF link that broadcast GNSS corrections
  • Self-powered fixed base unit with long battery life and built in battery charger
  • Embedded high capacity data logger for traceability and quality control

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High accuracy centimeter-level differential geolocation unit for the EMVS system

The system consists of a fixed Base unit, the DGNSS/BASE, and a ready-to-use fast assembly DGNSS/ROVER mounted on the EMVS antenna array frame support.

The DGNSS/BASE unit embeds a long-range, license-free radio transmitter that provides real-time corrections for the ROVER installed on the EMVS unit enhancing GPS tracking accuracy to a centimeter level. At the end of the search operations, the DGNSS/ROVER allows the user to extract on PC recordings of differential data of the scanned area as well as data relevant to the metal detector alarms.