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60 years after the first solid state textile metal detector, CEIA introduces the new TE/MTZ model which provides multi-zone indication of metal fragments position.


The company presents the OPENGATE®, automatic screening of people with luggage, backpacks, and bags for the detection of Mass Casualty Metal Threats in high-throughput public places.


TDU, Thermal Detection Unit, anti-Covid advanced embedded sensor for CEIA Security Walk-through Detector Gates.


Consistently with the integration and control features of existing series, CEIA expands the range of induction heating generators with the new medium-high frequency generator SA/400.


CEIA introduces the new multi sensor models for ground search detectors equipped with GPR, Metal and IED detector.


EMIS®, automatic screening for non-metallic cargo, meets ECAC Performance Standard.


CEIA introduces the SAMDEX®, Shoe Scanner Metal and Explosive Detector. SAMDEX® compliance to operational requirements has been successfully verified by Government-Authorized Laboratories in 2016.


EMIS®-MAIL letter bomb and IED detector is certified for mail security inspection.


CEIA introduces the SA/80 series, the first 25, 50, 100 kW High Efficiency Green Generators with integrated Quality Data Logger and Web Server.


EMIS®, automatic screening device for non-metallic cargo, is approved by Governmental Security Authorities for use in Airports.


CEIA EMA automatic bottled liquids scanner is certified for use in Airports.


CEIA's PMD2 Plus revolutionizes the security checkpoint with available elliptic shape, 60-zone detection, Met-Identity technology and Breakthrough Value.


The new CEIA THS 21 Conveyor Inspection Systems revolutionize the food market with available multi-spectrum technology, maximum flexibility, enterprise class performance and breakthrough value.


CEIA introduces the innovative V3 Control Units, the automatic management of Heating and Soldering Cycles, and the new SH/SL series, Compact Direct-Reading Pyrometer for Non-Contact Measurement between 80°C and 2000°C.


The company presents the CEIA THS 21 Metal Detection Systems, the best metal detection solution for compliance with FDA Title 21CFR110 requirements on manufacturing, packing and storing food for human consumption.


CEIA installs the first Loss Prevention System, a computer-aided metal detector designed to stop theft of valuable metal items in production plants and distribution centers.


CEIA introduces an innovative Metal Detector equipped with a linear antenna array designed to operate attached to a manned or unmanned submersible vehicle and capable of functioning at depths up to 300 m.


The company unveils the CEIA CMD®, a very high performance Compact Metal Detector. The one-piece foldable design allows the Metal Detector to be deployed quickly and to be carried easily.


CEIA introduces the SAMD®, Shoe Analyzer Metal Detector, specifically designed to overcome the inconvenience currently experienced in examining passengers' shoes in security checkpoints.


The company presents the SMD®601TM Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector, specifically designed to comply with the new NIJ Standard-0601.02 (U.S. Dept. of Justice). The Standard establishes new requirements for sensitivity, discrimination and immunity for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities.


The company presents the THS/PH21® Metal Detector, designed to comply fully with FDA regulations on the criteria of construction and of electronic management of records and signatures.


CEIA 02PN20 is selected and certified for installation in North American Airports following the tightening of security standards in response to the events of September 11, 2001.


CEIA is selected by the United Nations as the Metal Detector supplier for humanitarian demining in Afghanistan and other conflict regions.


CEIA introduces the THS/FB, an integrated system for the inspection of food products which complies with the most stringent requirements of functionality, hygiene, compact size and reliability.


CEIA`s in-house EMC testing laboratory is governmentally accredited as a competent body in the matter of electromagnetic compatibility.


CEIA develops technology for Underground Metal Detection at the request of several international agencies.


The CEIA Quality System is awarded ISO 9001 Certification.


CEIA patents the elliptical column walk-through Metal Detector. This efficient, aesthetically pleasing device can easily and unobtrusively be used in high level government agencies and private corporations.


CEIA starts production of the new THS series of industrial Metal Detectors, characterized by state-of-the-art performance and standard all-stainless-steel construction.


CEIA begins development and production of solid-state induction generators for no-contact heat treatment of metals.


CEIA introduces the PMD1, first multi-zone walkthrough Metal Detector with full person height localization display.

1979 - 1982

CEIA patents the first walk-through Metal Detector (1979) with microcomputer-based DSP analysis and the first column type gate (1982).


The growing demand for security at entrances to airports and banks stimulates CEIA to start a major research and development program. This leads CEIA to become a major manufacturer of walk-through and portable Metal Detectors for the detection of weapons carried on a person.


CEIA begins development and production of industrial metal detectors and ultrasonic cleaning machines for the gold and silversmith sectors.


CEIA was founded when it began production of Metal Detectors for the textile industry capable of detecting small quantities of metal in fabric in order to protect the production machinery.