GROUND SEARCH Metal Detectors


Deep Search Underground Metal Detector

Company Presentation

  • Effective detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal masses
  • High Discrimination against shallow metal clutter
  • Superior detection depth
  • Total immunity to environmental magnetic anomalies
  • Static and dynamic detection independent of the detector’s rate of advance
  • Extremely high level of electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Completely digital electronics, with in-field program memory upgrade capability
  • Operation monitored by a microcomputer controlled autodiagnostic system with audible warning signals

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Designed for the accurate detection of deeply buried large metal masses, including unexploded ordnance, whilst discriminating against ground magnetic anomalies.

MIL-D1/DS - detail

View of the MIL-D1/DS inside its transportation case

The CEIA MIL-D1/DS Metal Detector is an active EMI device based on transmission of an alternating, low-frequency magnetic field and on the variations introduced into this field by buried metal masses.

The detector consists of a telescopic pole with a central section in aluminium and fiberglass extensions. The two probe-antennae which act as transmitter and receiver of the magnetic field are mounted at the ends of the extensions.

Detection signals are provided by an audible tone and an LCD located on the front panel of the control unit.

The most significant features of the MIL D1/DS are the following:

  • High sensitivity, useful for detecting metal masses at depth;
  • High discrimination against shallow metal clutter;
  • Compensation for mineralized soils and total immunity to the effects of the terrestrial magnetic field;
  • High stability of its detection system, which shows no drift over time or with variations in environmental conditions;
  • Intrinsic reliability and extremely high resistance to shock and mechanical stress, essential requirements for a long operating life.