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Supply Unit series

The CEIA Supply Unit series is a group of portable and compact battery back-up units and charger designed to supply DC voltage to CEIA equipment where mains is not available or as UPS (MBSU-2 and TSU) in installations requiring continuous operations.

The devices are extremely easy to use, and provide indication of the battery level and charging status.

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Mains & Battery Supply Unit Mains & Battery Supply Unit - Heavy Duty Tactical Supply Unit
Battery Type Lead Acid Lead Acid Ni-MH
Dimensions (LxWxH) 397×138×218 mm
15,48x5,38x8,50 in
480×138×185 mm
18,72x5,38x7,22 in
394×138×205 mm
15,37x5,38x8,00 in
13,5 kg | 29,7 lbs 13,5 kg | 29,7 lbs 4 battery pack:
7,9 kg | 17,4 lbs

6 battery pack:
9,9 kg | 21,8 lbs

8 battery pack:
11,9 kg | 26,2 lbs
Nominal Energy 384 Wh* 384 Wh* 4 battery pack: 260 Wh
6 battery pack: 388 Wh
8 battery pack: 518 Wh
Energy / Weight 28,5 Wh/kg*
12,73 Wh/lb*
28,5 Wh/kg*
12,73 Wh/lb*
4 battery pack:
33 Wh/kg
14,97 Wh/lb

6 battery pack:
39,3 Wh/kg
17,73 Wh/lb

8 battery pack:
43,6 Wh/kg
19,78 Wh/lb
Charge time (No load connected) 7h* 7h* 4 battery pack: 4h
6 battery pack: 5h30min
8 battery pack: 7h30min
Output Voltage No Stabilized Battery Voltage: 24 V typical No Stabilized Battery Voltage: 24 V typical Programmable Voltage with High efficency Voltage Output Stage: (18 to 30) V, 1 V step
Protection Grade
IP65 IP65 IP65
Output Plug 4p Standard output Plug Heavy Duty output Plug 4p Standard output Plug
Heavy duty output plug
Removable Output cable NO NO YES
Charge Indications 4 Status LED 4 Status LED 4 Status LED
Discharge Indications 3 Status LED 3 Status LED 4 Status LED
4-Digit 7-Segment Display
Fault Indications NO NO YES
PMD2 Plus Elliptic® - basic configuration 16h 16h 4 battery pack: 13h
6 battery pack: 19h
8 battery pack: 26h
HIPE PZ - basic configuration 31h 31h 4 battery pack: 22h30min
6 battery pack: 33h30min
8 battery pack: 42h30min

* With 16Ah battery pack