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  • Automatic Detection of Weapons hidden in the shoes and simultaneous discrimination of the metal components of the shoes
  • Increase in Passenger Flow Rate
  • Reduction up to 10 times the number of shoes that must be examined manually

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The CEIA SAMD® Shoe Metal Detector is designed to overcome the inconvenience currently experienced in examining passengers’ shoes.

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Faster security checks at airports

The dramatic events of 11th September 2001 caused the Airport Security Authorities to strengthen checks on passengers and their personal effects.

Notwithstanding the extremely high discrimination capability of last-generation CEIA walk-through Metal Detectors, a certain percentage of shoes containing significant metal masses still cause alarms during transit, and so have to be examined by security staff with another inspection system - usually the X-ray scanner - to ensure that there are no metal weapons hidden in them. This obviously causes inconvenience to the passengers in transit.

In the light of this new operational scenario, CEIA has developed the SAMD® Shoe Analyzer to check shoes worn by passengers without having to remove them, employing low-frequency electromagnetic fields which are non-ionizing and completely harmless.

The SAMD® Shoe Analyzer, which complies with the most recent, stringent security requirements, reduces by up to 10 times or more the number of shoes that must be examined manually.