Metal Detector per la SICUREZZA


Rivelatore Ferromagnetico Portatile ad alte prestazioni

Presentazione Aziendale

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Universal Exhibition - EXPO 2015 Milano - Italy

International Architecture Exhibition - Venezia - Italy

Annual Stadium Managers Association Seminar
Hollywood Beach, FL - United States of America
Feb 13 - 17, 2022
Espositore: CEIA USA Ltd.

European Congress of Radiology
Vienna - Austria
Mar 2 - 6, 2022
Espositore: CEIA S.p.A.

Passenger Terminal Expo
Paris - France
Apr 5 - 7, 2022
Espositore: CEIA S.p.A.

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  • Rivelazione di dispositivi contenenti parti magnetizzate (cellulari, radio ricetrasmittenti, ricevitori, chiavi telecomando) nascosti sulla persona o all'interno di cavità corporee con o senza batterie
  • Accurata localizzazione del target mediante segnalazione di allarme multizona
  • Superiore capacità di impiego in ambienti diversi
  • Protezione a tenuta stagna per installazioni all’aperto (IP65)
  • Robusta ed elegante costruzione
  • Rivelazione sull’intera altezza del dispositivo
  • Rivelazione omnidirezionale
  • Batteria integrata per 26 ore di funzionamento continuo
  • Controllo discreto tramite auricolare BT wireless communication
  • Nessuna regolazione richiesta

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CEIA MSD è un rivelatore di oggetti metallici magnetici e magnetizzati che combina la struttura monoblocco e il design compatto e ultraleggero con avanzate caratteristiche di rivelazione

MSD<sup>&trade;</sup> - detail

Elevata Portabilità


  • Detection of magnets and ferromagnetic metals
  • Full-height, 360° detection (horizontal & vertical)
  • 5 individual zones for pinpointing locations of contraband on the body
  • Covert operation through use of BT wireless headset (included)
  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use
  • 24 hours typical / 26 hours max. of continuous battery operation with 4.5 hours charge
  • One-piece and lightweight design (total weight only 9,5 kg with batteries included) easily transportable by one person
  • Unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment
  • Extremely durable design using stainless steel and high impact reinforced plastics
  • Anti-tip suction cups for securing to smooth floor surfaces (included)
  • Non-emitting device: safe for use for pace-makers and other medical implants
  • Throughput: 60+ people per minute (based on uninterrupted flow, separately alarms resolution)

Carrying case for personal transport and storage

  • Heavy-duty lightweight carry system
  • Custom fit to the MSD shape
  • Dedicated pocket for accessories
  • Space–saving
  • Included parts:
    • MSD Ferromagnetic Detector unit
    • Test sample
    • External AC/DC battery charger adapter
    • Carrying case

MSD EVO™ Option

Even though the MSD is typically used as a stand-alone single pole, the new MSD Pass-through configuration with EVO option defines now the possibility to operate on a transit width up to 180 cm with constant detection sensitivity from pole to pole. Moreover, this new uniform solution allows the reliable screening of in-mates transiting through a corridor, the surveillance of large transit openings and an extremely accurate investigation of mattresses and other objects that could hide contraband.