SECURITY Detection


Highest throughput weapons detection of people with backpacks, purses, and bags

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Corrections Technology Association Annual Technology Summit
Scottsdale, AZ - United States of America
23 - 26 June 2024
Exhibitor: CEIA USA Ltd.

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A Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System

  • Fast, Automatic & Unprecedented Screening
  • No Divesting of Luggage, Backpacks, Purses, and bags
  • Extreme Transit Flow or Throughput, with Near Zero Nuisance Alarms
  • Quick to Setup & Install – Weighs only 25 lbs. with less than 1 minute setup time
  • Ready for Anything - Indoor and Outdoor Operations



Walk Through Security Metal Detector

Remote Management with OPENGATE® App

  • Easily set Detection and Signaling Parameters via Smartphone or Tablet
  • OPENGATE® App available via Android or iOS operating systems

OPENGATE® is a Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System designed for faster screening of people with their backpacks, purses and bags, etc. for the detection of a large variety/number of Metal Threats, such as high caliber assault weapons

OPENGATE - detail

Easy to relocate and quick to install

  • OPENGATE® is the first and only fully open, active walk-through detection system, composed of two freestanding pillars.

  • Contrary to Metal Detector Gates, OPENGATE® does not require any mechanical or electrical connection between the two pillars that define the passageway.

  • Acoustic and optical signals, located at the top of the pillars, provide real-time status and alarm indications.

  • OPENGATE® is the most portable, elegant, easy to position and ready to use weapons detection system. No installation, adjustment or assembly procedures.

  • Proprietary arch-free structure and operation solution and embedded electronics eliminates the need for crossbar and enables arch-free operations.

  • Specialty top cap allows for alarm visibility even in direct sunlight

  • OPENGATE® power supply options include either lithium ion batteries and/or standard wall outlet (110v).

  • OPENGATE® is extremely versatile and can be used at a variety of entrances or security checkpoint locations, either indoors or outdoors.

  • Detection target: Multi-caliber weapons and IEDs.

  • Operational use: Faster screening of people in transit with bags, backpacks, and purses; Extremely high throughput; Integrated high-precision transit counter.

  • Applications: Stadiums / Arenas / Ballparks; Theme parks; Hospitals; Museums; Theaters; Convention centres; Transportation hubs; In general, all places open to the public characterized by the need to screen large crowds.

  • Easy to relocate and quick to install: Only 25 pounds with less than 1 minute setup time, it does not require adjustments or the assembly of mechanical and electrical parts.

  • Detection and signaling parameters can be easily set via the OPENGATE® App, designed for smartphones or tablets and based on Android or iOS operating systems.

  • Available to order now.