SECURITY Detection

SMD®601 Plus

Most sensitive Multi-Zone Metal Detector for law enforcement and correctional facilities

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  • Most sensitive WTMD, fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 and NIJ-0601.03 Standards
  • Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
  • Accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets
  • Exceptional immunity to external interferences
  • New mechanical structure with high protection degree
  • Integrated correctional profiling system (optional)
  • Unmatched reliability

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SMD601 Plus

The SMD®601 Plus is a very high sensitive Walk-Through Metal Detector. A full-height light bar displays the location of the detected metal masses in transit. This results in rapid identification of threats and a reduction or elimination of the need for manual searches. SMD®601 Plus detects even the smallest metal items anywhere on or in the body.

SMD601 Plus - detail

Ultra-High Sensitivity capability. Examples of additional detectable targets: Disposable Razor Blades; Special metal items (e.g. AISI 300 series Stainless Steel); Bullets

Fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 and NIJ-0601.03 standards

The SMD®601 Plus further extends the detection sensitivity of the previous SMD®601 to metal threats before considered undetectable due to their minimal dimensions and metal composition similar to the ones specified in the new NIJ-0601.03 Standard.

Accurate detection of all metallic threat items

  • Very accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets
  • Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
  • Built-in programs to screen visitors and staff for weapons and contraband

New certified ip66 control unit enclosure

  • Total compatibility with previous control units
  • Robust structure through the use of high-performance polymers for the construction of housing
  • Waterproof / Dustproof: IP66 compliant (IEC 60529)
  • Exceptional impact resistance at low and high temperatures and resistance to corrosion from atmospheric agents
  • Display made with specific polymer to improve the visibility of the LEDs by increasing the definition and clarity

Unique alarm signalling

  • 20 vertical localization zones
  • High visibility of the control unit and of the zone indication, independent from the operator position and the installation environment
  • Flexible Acoustic Alarm Signalling System: 10 Continuous and Pulsed Tones; 34 Special Sounds
  • 10 Alarm Volume Levels
  • High Precision Transit Counter: In-Bound transits; Out-Bound transits; Alarm rate

Most powerful and versatile security features

  • Over 40 built-in Security Programs: Up to 22 pre-programmed Security Programs; Up to 20 user programmable Security Programs
  • Chip Card system for fast, simple and secure parameter changes (i.e. alarm volume and tone, counter reading, etc.) and security level selection.
  • Any security standard can be enhanced with selectable random alarm probability

Chip card system

The system allows Security Management to set the Security Level quickly, reliably and without having to program the device in any way.