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Annual Stadium Managers Association Seminar
Hollywood Beach, FL - United States of America
12 - 15 Février 2023
Exposant: CEIA USA Ltd.

Inter Airport South East Asia
Singapore - Singapore
1 - 3 Mars 2023
Exposant: CEIA S.p.A. - Booth A13

Passenger Terminal Expo
Amsterdam - Netherlands
14 - 16 Mars 2023
Exposant: CEIA S.p.A. - Hall 1 Booth 1420

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Scanner de Bouteilles et de Liquides

EMA series

EMA series

The EMA is a compact device designed for the analysis of liquid containers and their contents with the goal of detecting the possible presence of explosive precursors and explosive liquids. When the operator places the bottle in the inspection cavity, its presence is automatically detected and the analysis is performed in ~ 5 seconds.