Détecteurs pour la SURETE

Détecteurs pour la Sécurité Publique

Détecteurs de métaux pour les forces de police


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Universal Exhibition - EXPO 2015 Milano - Italy

International Architecture Exhibition - Venezia - Italy

Scottsdale, AZ - United States of America
Jun 29 - Jul 1, 2021
Exposant: CEIA USA Ltd.

TASRO - Texas Association of School Resource Officers
San Antonio, TX - United States of America
Jul 5 - 8, 2021
Exposant: CEIA USA Ltd.

NASRO - National Association of School Resource Officers
Orlando, FL - United States of America
Jul 11 - 13, 2021
Exposant: CEIA USA Ltd.

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The variety and scope of the services required from police forces in their work of fighting crime , protection of property and immigration control (known generally as law enforcement) requires versatile, practical equipment that can be adapted to their various needs without slowing down their operations.

For these applications CEIA has developed various types of walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, including models that can be dismantled, light, easy to transport and also suitable for use when exposed to the elements.

The availability of this equipment means that police forces never have to go without the use of metal detectors, even in the most complex situations.

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Détecteurs de Métaux pour le sol

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