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CEIA has been providing industry-leading walk-through and hand held metal detector solutions for Loss Prevention applications for decades. Our clients know that detecting tiny high-value metal objects can be a challenge, both technically and procedurally. The CEIA Loss Prevention security team works with you to create an innovative solution that offers you the maximum reduction in product theft with the minimum impact on your business.

CEIA features security detection devices that specialize in protecting your precious metals, jewelry, and electronic items. These items are typically made from non-magnetic metals that register extremely low signals that standard security metal detectors simply cannot detect. Our wide range of solutions include hand held metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, and the most advanced computer-aided metal screening system on the market.

Precious Metals

CEIA customers include dozens of precious metal refineries, depositories, and mines worldwide. These operations typically require extraordinarily high sensitivity to detect small grams of gold, silver, and platinum group metals. Our team has extensive experience in environments with high-power equipment, heavy-metal doors, and strict access control requirement and is here to help you plan a successful security checkpoint.


Your successful jewelry manufacturing or distribution site requires tight security to maintain low cost. Rely on CEIA`s Jewelry Theft Prevention solutions to stop employee theft without slowing down your screening process. Some of the largest jewelry companies in the world rely on CEIA`s jewelry metal detectors to quickly identify theft of jewelry (and the raw materials used for producing jewelry) with extremely low nuisance alarm rates. Special products like the CEIA Loss Prevention System are the key to reducing your exposure to loss and earning a fast return on your security investment.


CEIA has deployed thousands of metal detectors worldwide for electronics theft prevention. As Loss Prevention experts, we know the delicate balance of checkpoint flow and theft detection required in this application. No company offers a wider line of metal detectors for the electronics market but, more importantly, CEIA offers the services, such as free lab testing of samples that result in a successful installation. Consumer electronics distributors and manufacturers know that electronic components have been shrinking and are harder to detect every year. CEIA has invested the engineering resources required to stay one step ahead and protect your inventory.

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Hand Held Metal Detectors


1. What technology does your Loss Prevention System use?

The Loss Prevention System is a high-precision walk-through metal detector. By generating an electromagnetic magnetic field that is harmless to the body (corresponds approximately to the strength of the earth`s magnetic field), metallic objects on or in the entire body of the individual can be detected. Thanks to our innovative metallic profiling, we are able to record metallic differences between entering and leaving an area.

2. What distinguishes your Loss Prevention System from other systems available on the market?

The Loss Prevention System developed by CEIA is the only solution available on the market with which you can reliably determine metallic differences between entering and leaving an area by comparing the actual signal with the individual metallic profiling of the controlled person. In contrast to imaging processes such as cameras, Terahertz or X-ray technology, the investment costs along with the training and personnel costs are many times lower.
Metallic objects are clearly detected, regardless of whether they are on or in the body. The system can be ideally integrated into your existing processes without spending a lot of time, even with high throughput of people.

3. Which objects can your loss prevention system find?

The device can be individually adapted to your needs and detects all metallic objects, even with the smallest dimensions. On the basis of globally valid standards for the detection of objects containing metal, CEIA develops and programs ideal technical solutions for a wide variety of application scenarios. With a high-precision setting, we can detect the smallest quantities of precious metals (e.g. 0.6g silver cylinder), such as those required for the precious metal processing industry. On the other hand, we can also use an adapted setting to detect smartphones or electronic components, as is required, for example, in logistics, production or the sale of electronic products. We are also happy to work with you to define settings on the basis of your targeted objects.

4. What benefits can our loss prevention system generate for you?

By using our Loss Prevention System, you can significantly reduce the loss of valuable objects containing metal in your company. Losses in the warehouse or production cost your company time and money in a variety of ways. In addition to the actual values that arise when products or raw materials disappear, follow-up costs such as process costs or a general distrust of your employees, which in most cases is unfounded. The system helps you to identify ?black sheep?, to prevent losses and to strengthen trust in your employees. Taking into account the lower loss of goods, experience shows that the CEIA Loss Prevention Systems pay for themselves in less than 1 year of use. Especially for the clients of logistics service providers, reducing losses in the warehouse can strengthen existing customer relationships and create trust.

5. What do I have to observe in terms of data protection law when using the system?

The topic of data protection played a decisive role in the development of our loss prevention system. In the first step, it is important that our technology is not an ?imaging scanner?, but a metal detector that creates a corresponding metal profile. This means that it is not the employee that is recorded, but rather only their metallic objects. In order to guarantee maximum security, the metal detector itself, the network interface (APSIM) and the management switch (MDNA) were developed and checked in accordance with the highest security standards (ISO27001 / NIST 800-53). The data transfers between the devices take place via secure HTTPS connections with TLS 1.2.
For each user of the profiling system, the following are stored on both the APSIM and the MDNA:

  • First name, last name, card code, metal profile
  • First name, last name and card code are accessible to a user.
  • Metal profiles are not imaging data and cannot identify a person. These data are to be considered as non-personal data.
  • In the input mask for the first and last name, other letters or numbers (e.g. personnel number) can also be used to avoid the transfer of sensitive user data.

6. How can the Loss Prevention System help improve the corporate culture?

As a rule, few perpetrators are responsible for the fact that a general suspicion arises in the company against certain employees or against temporary workers and external companies, which cannot be proven or refused. This negative working atmosphere puts a strain on your company and your honest employees, who are wrongly exposed to accusations. With the installation of the CEIA Loss Prevention System you can identify specific individuals and eliminate the general suspicion towards your employees or partner companies, so that you can live a culture of trust and cooperative work in your company.

7. We use several entrances and exits or have several locations. Can the loss prevention system be networked accordingly?

Thanks to the extraordinary high precision and repeatability of the CEIA WTMD, networking of the loss prevention systems with several entrances and exits is possible without any problem. Your employees can enter or leave the building at any location, as one person at different entrances and exits delivers the same result, provided that the metal masses carried along do not change. The optional MDNA acts as a central memory that stores the data of all passages (entrance / exit) and exchanges them between the devices. Important: Free entrances and exits without a WTMD should not be available.
Networking and exchanging information across multiple locations is also possible without any problems. This is of particular interest if employees have to change locations on a regular basis.

8. Do our employees have to be completely metal-free when entering the building?

The more metal-free your employees are, the more precisely the Loss Prevention System can detect unauthorized metal masses. The permitted metal masses must always be lower than the target objects you are looking for. By sending your target objects, we can program your loss prevention system ideally to your needs. We are happy to offer you this service, including subsequent advice, free of charge prior to commissioning.

9. What is our experience of installing the devices?

For decades, CEIA has been the industry leading supplier of walk-through and hand-held metal detectors for theft prevention. Our devices protect precious metal stocks, jewelry or electronic devices and components of our customers around the world every day. The installation locations vary between production halls, warehouses or retail stores. All systems we offer are checked for safety by an independent laboratory, installed and commissioned on site by our highly qualified technicians.

10. When will the Loss Prevention System start to pay off for me?

The payback period for the systems is usually less than a year. Our broad customer base attests to this for the most varied of purposes.

11. Are there any follow-up costs for installing the Loss Prevention System?

In addition to the low costs for power consumption (approx. 75 watts), there are no follow-up costs due to the installation of a CEIA Loss Prevention System. You neither need a radiation protection officer nor regular, compulsory training for your staff. If you need additional training or regular basis, we can of course make you an individual offer.