Detektoren für die SICHERHEIT

Sicherheitskontrolle von Frach

Automatische Kontrolleinrichtung für nicht metallische Fracht


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The CEIA EMIS® (Electro-Magnetic Inspection Scanner) equipment are security screening devices designed to inspect non-metallic cargo. Using CEIA exclusive Electromagnetic Profile Analysis technology, these devices ensure automatic detection of detonators and electronic circuits from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), ammunition and weapons composed of metal (knives, firearms). In case of detection, the scanners give an audible and visual alarm.

The CEIA EMIS® units can inspect the following types of goods:

  • Perishable goods such as:
    • seafood and meat
    • farm produce (grain, fruits, vegetables)
    • flowers, herbs and organic materials in general
    • bakery goods
    • dry goods
    • beverage in non-metallic containers
  • Frozen goods in non-metallic containers
  • Live animals
  • Wearing Apparel without metallic components
  • Paper products, plastic, rubber
  • Non-metallic hazardous materials
The EMIS® units are suitable for the following field of applications:
  • Shipping facilities
  • Freight Forwarding Facilities
  • Third Party Logistics Providers
  • Critical Infrastructure warehouses and receiving centers
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Growers of produce
The EMIS® product line currently includes 5 standard models for both package and pallet screening applications.

Packages screening Pallets screening
EMIS® 8075 EMIS® 130160 EMIS® 130200
Analyse Packungen Paletten Paletten
Nutzbereich Tunnel 800 mm x 750 mm 1300 mm x 1700 mm 1300 mm x 2000 mm
Höhe Transportband 875 mm ± 75 mm anpassbar 735 mm min / 755 mm max 735 mm min / 755 mm max
Gewicht 700 kg 5000 kg 5150 kg
Maximum Conveyor Load 135 ÷ 275 kg insgesamt (Geschwindigkeitsabhängig) 1500 kg 1500 kg
Max. Palettenhöhe - 1650 mm 1950 mm